The Armenian Army launched for the first time its own drones in the battle field and those drones are designed by the Armenian engineers

I am reading the worrying news from Armenia (and also receiving messages and calls from friends around the world asking me about the situation in Armenia) that the Azerbaijani army on the night of 12 July launched a massive attack on Armenia targeting the civilian areas and villages on the border with Azerbaijan. Using artillery that is banned for use in civilian areas by the International Law.

Today somehow buried in the background of a the overall situation I noticed in the news that the Armenian Army in the past 3 days has shot and destroyed some 10 or more Erbit Hermès 900 military drones used by Azerbaijani Army. The Armenian soldiers shot those drones with an old Soviet anti areal rockets (but calculated and targeted with an eye of the Armenian soldier) even though those drones supposed to maneuver unbelievably great. The Hermès 900 military drones, produced by Israel are a state of the art and super sophisticated (and can do a lot of nasty things while in operation) military drones and Israel is one of the major Arms seller to Azerbaijan. Each of those drones apparently costs some 30 mln USD (according to the Armenian news sources).

Then there was another news that the Armenian Army launched for the first time its own drones in the battle field and those drones are designed by the Armenian engineers and produced in Armenia. Not a single Armenian drone got shot in the battle field.

So this is about how far a super sophisticated and state of the art military technology can go against men defending their own country with much less sophisticated arms. No matter how far technology will develop, it will never replace the strong will power, the brain and courage of humans, especially when defending their own homes.

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