I am glad that we managed to make sure that the war did not bring any benefit to Azerbaijan.

- Which way did the April War affect the ongoing negotiations over the peaceful resolution of the NK conflict?

- I am glad that we managed to make sure that the war did not bring any benefit to Azerbaijan.

You may remember Aliyev saying that he was being urged “behind closed doors” to recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh. Of course, this is the most direct evidence of our diplomatic achievements.

- Was there any other improvement in the wake of the April War?

- The Vienna and St. Petersburg statements were among our diplomatic achievements indeed. Following the hostilities, the OSCE Minsk Group issued a statement to the effect that the 1994 tripartite ceasefire agreement remained in force.

- Do you think the Armenian side could avail itself of the aforementioned diplomatic achievements?

- The MG co-chairing nations stated at the highest level that international mechanisms for border incident investigation had to be introduced in the conflict zone. This was a landmark achievement.

Now it remains to see how we could benefit from the results of the April War and why the “revolutionary authorities” neglected and failed to take advantage of the achievements we had during the Four-Day April War?



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